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5 Entada rheedii seeds

5  Entada rheedii seeds
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5 Entada rheedii seeds



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Entada rheedii seeds are also known as African Dream Herb beans.

African Dream Herb seeds can be found washed up on beeches throughout the world. The trees grow in tropical regions throughout the world. Often the trees wil l grow out over streams or the ocean and drop the seeds into the water. The seeds will then float on the ocean currents for years and then can wash up anywhere in the world and are often found with teeth marks left by curious sea creatures. If the seeds wash up in a tropical area, where the conditions are right for them to grow, they will take root and start the cycle over again.

They are popular as good luck charms or for making jewelry. EntadaThe African Dream Herb seeds are often worn or carried as talismans believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection.

Pack Contains 1 Seeds