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10 Seeds Drosera binata

10 Seeds Drosera binata
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10 Seeds Drosera binata



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Drosera binata is found primarily in sandy marshes of southern and eastern Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The species has many forms. The single fork leafed forms are most widespread with the mutiforked forms restricted to eastern Australia north of Sydney. The forms from cooler locations tend to be smaller than the relatively large plants found in the warmer part of its range. The smaller forms of Drosera binata make good terrarium plants.

This species can be a little difficult to maintain if you don't keep in mind the climates where they are found in nature. All Drosera binata forms go through a period of dormancy. The plants will stop producing new leaves and effectively die back to the ground. If you aren't prepared to deal with dormant plants or wait for them to break dormancy, you can take root and stem cutting and start over. Better yet, if you grow the more temperate varieties, grow them outside. The Tasmania and New Zealand forms will go dormant during the winter. If you live in an area where the soil could freeze, put the plants in a garage or other protected place during the winter.