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300 Bambusa arundinacea Seeds

300 Bambusa arundinacea Seeds
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300 Bambusa arundinacea Seeds



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Bambusa arundinacea Seeds, Spiny bamboo Seeds, Thorny bamboo Seeds, Tziu chu Seeds, Kalak Seeds, Bans : 


Product Description

Product Description Description Tall woody bamboo, stems thorny, numerous, tufted, up to 40 m tall, curving at top; branches numerous, internodes 3045 cm long, prominent, bearing in lower parts of stems dense half whorls of stiff, naked, horizontal branches, armed with 23 recurved, stout spines; lowest nodes rooting; stem-sheaths leathery, orange-yellow when young, hairy outside, shining and ribbed inside, 3045 cm long; blade triangular, glabrous, covered with a brown felt of bristly hairs inside; leaves thin, linear, up to 20 cm long, glabrous above, hair beneath; leaf-sheaths hairy, small; inflorescence an enormous panicle, often occupying the entire stem; branchlets loose clusters of pale, glabrous spikes