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100 Seeds GREVILLEA robusta "Silk Oak"

100 Seeds GREVILLEA robusta "Silk Oak"
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100 Seeds GREVILLEA robusta "Silk Oak"



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This Australian tree is used as a landscape tree in warm zones & is also makes a handsome indoor tree if kept pruned to size. It has fern-like, pinnate leaves which are rather lacy. It grows to 90' but as an indoor ornamental it may be kept quite small by pruning. Makes an interesting bonsai. The yellow flowers are in upright racemes.

The soil must be well draining. If it is too dense and holds water it will destroy the seeds. If you are using a soil mixture be sure to add 20% coarse sand to it. Plant the seeds at 1/2" depth and moisten. Thereafter do not water until the soil is dry to the touch. Provide filtered sunlight. When seedlings have emerged you may slowly introduce them to brighter light.

Pack Contains 50 Seeds Available In Bulk Also Contact Us For More Details