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100 Seeds Hibiscus cannabinus Kenaf

100 Seeds Hibiscus cannabinus Kenaf
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100 Seeds Hibiscus cannabinus Kenaf



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Already several newspapers have printed paper produced from this plant. Its an annual fiber crop (stems resemble bamboo). In 150 days it may reach 18'. It produces creamy white flowers and usually palmately compound leaves somewhat similar to marijuana (not related). Its paper quality is proving to be equal or superior to today's traditional newspapers. Numerous uses are yet being found. In warmer regions it may be grown as a wind shelter or as a living fence. It has use as a forage crop, in roof matting, particle board, etc.if grown in the landscape, or as an indoor ornamental it would not go unnoticed. Germination in 4-6 days. Note that we have listed 9 other Kenaf strains that are currently being tested in agricultural research.

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