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50 CAMELLIA sinensis Seeds, Tea Seeds

50  CAMELLIA sinensis Seeds, Tea Seeds
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50 CAMELLIA sinensis Seeds, Tea Seeds



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This is the tea of commerce. The tender, young leaves are used in the process of tea production. Handsome evergreen shrub. May actually grow to 30' but for the production of the tea leaves the plant is kept short and the tender new leaves are picked about every 3 three weeks. Shiny leaves, thin and leathery, with oval shape. The scented flowers are white. The seeds are the size of a small marble and cannot be sent in an envelope since they would be crushed. The postage may be higher because an envelope cannot be used.

Germination for: CAMELLIA sinensis "Tea" Plant at 3/4" depth using soil mixture. Requires filtred sunlight. Keep damp. Ideal day temperature 70 degrees, night temp 58. Use acid type fertilizer. Some growers prefer to crack the outter shell before planting, others remove the outter shell when this is done it is very important that your soil is well draining and not kept wet or you will quickly rot the embryo. Many growers prefer to plant the seed by removing it from the shell.