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5 Seeds Ana tree Faidherbia albida

5 Seeds Ana tree Faidherbia albida
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5 Seeds Ana tree Faidherbia albida



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Description Bark on stemm of large treeFaidherbia albida is one of the fastest growing indigenous trees. It is deciduous and can grow up to 30 m tall. It has branching stems and an erect to roundish crown. Greenish grey to whitish grey colour and smoothness is evident on the young stems, but grey and smooth to rough on older branches and stems. The straight, whitish thorns, which are in pairs, are up to 40 mm long.

Pale grey-green leaves which are twice-compound, have a conspicuous gland at the base of each pair of pinnae (leaflets).

Scented, pale cream-coloured flowers form an elongated spike up to 35-160 x 20 mm. The flowers show from March to September, followed by fruit from September to December. The fruit is orange to red-brown in colour, non-splitting and curved to twisted pod. The size of the pods fruit ranges from 100-350 x 20-50 mm. The seeds are mostly eaten by Brown Playboy butterfly larvae.