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20 Clivia miniata Seeds, Bush lily Seeds

20 Clivia miniata Seeds,  Bush lily Seeds
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20 Clivia miniata Seeds, Bush lily Seeds



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Clivia miniata (also known as Bush lily) is a species of clivia, from South Africa. It grows to a height of about 45cm in the shade of trees and shrubs, and flowers are red or orange, with a faint, but very sweet perfume.


Depth and spacing: Plant with the crown above the soil surface and 30cm apart.

Watering: Water well in spring and summer but keep soil drier in autumn and winter.

Frost tolerances: Clivia must be protected from frost a verandah, the eaves of a house or a dense tree canopy are usually sufficient for as low as 5C.

Flowering time: Spring to summer, once the flowers are mature which will be in approx 3 years.

Soil: Well drained, a pH 5.5-6.5 best suits Clivia.

Aspect: Partial to full shade.

Climate: Cool to Sub-tropical.

Pruning: Remove old leaves and stems.

Fertilizer: A generous amount of slow release fertilizer (such as Osmocote) applied regularly from early spring to mid summer achieves maximum growth.

Propagation: Can be propagated by means of seed, as well as vegetatively through offsets

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