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50 Seeds Delonix regia Royal poinciana,

50 Seeds Delonix regia Royal poinciana,
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50 Seeds Delonix regia Royal poinciana,



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One of the most conspicuous flowering trees seen in the tropics. Bright fiery red/orange blossoms cover its mimosa type leaves which close up and go to sleep for the night. Can be grown as a potted tree. Very tropical! This large tree, which naturally assumes a spreading umbrella shape, is now found in gardens, parks, and planted along streets throughout the tropics. It can grow as tall as 59ft and has smooth greyish-colored bark and attractive feathery, fern-like leaves, which drop annually during the dry season. At the same time as the new leaves appear, the tree is covered with masses offive-petalled flowers that are usually bright red-orange but may also appear in pale apricot. Blooming is followed by long, flattened, leathery dark brown or black seed pods. Delonix requires full sun and adequate space to take its characteristic form. It flowers best in areas that have two distinct seasons but can be impressive even in moister places. Read :article about delonix.

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