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50 Seeds Salvia moorcroftiana

50 Seeds Salvia moorcroftiana
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50 Seeds Salvia moorcroftiana



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Salvia moorcroftiana -

Salvia moorcroftiana is a herbaceous perennial native to the Himalayan mountains from Pakistan to western Nepal, and is especially common in the Kashmir Valley. It grows between 5,000-9,000 feet elevation on disturbed areas and open slopes. The leaves are used medicinally in Kashmir.[1]

Salvia moorcroftiana grows to 2.5 feet tall, with large long-stemmed basal leaves with a toothed margin that appear to be covered with white wool. The 1 inch pale lilac flowers grow on many inflorescences that rise above the leaves. The flowers are held in a hairy calyx, with showy green-veined bracts adding to the plant's charm. In cultivation, it prefers full sun, loose soil, good drainage, and regular watering