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50 Seeds Toona ciliata Red Cedar

50 Seeds Toona ciliata Red Cedar
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50 Seeds Toona ciliata Red Cedar



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Common Name: Red Cedar.

Standard Trade Name: Red Cedar (RCD).

Habit: A large deciduous tree generally with a wide spreading and handsome crown attaining a height of 45 m and a stem diameter of 210 cm.

Trunk: Buttressed, flanged or fairly cylindrical.

Bark: Reddish brown, glossy when young, when older changes to brown or grey, scaly, shed in oblong or irregular pieces, leaving slight depressions in the surface of the bark. Typical Red Cedar fragrance.

Branchlets: Thick, brown or red on the leafy section, smooth or minutely downy with a few cream raised lenticels. Leaf scars distinct, young shoots finely downy.

Leaves: Alternate, pinnate, consisting of five to seventeen leaflets. Leaflets opposite or irregularly alternate, ovate-lanceolate, 4-13 cm long, often drawn out to a long point at the tip, unequal at the base. Green both surfaces, paler beneath, red and downy when young. Primary leaf stalk 3-9 cm to the first leaflets. Leaflet stalks 3-6 mm long.

Venation: Visible on both surfaces but more prominent on the underside. Sometimes reddish or purplish in colour, occasionally there are tufts of hairs where the lateral veins join the midrib.

Flowers: White, fragrant, in a large pyramidal panicle at the ends of the branchlets. Individual flowers about 5 mm long. Flowering period September to November.

Fruit: A dry capsule, light brown, elliptical, about 18 mm long, splitting into five valves containing four to five winged seeds about 13-18 mm long in each valve. Fruit ripe January to March.

Habitat: Subtropical to riverine rainforests but also on alluvial soils in warm temperate rainforest. Formerly most plentiful on the basaltic-derived alluvial flats of larger rivers.

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