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50 Grams Celastrus paniculatus Seeds

50 Grams Celastrus paniculatus Seeds
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50 Grams Celastrus paniculatus Seeds



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In folk medicine the seeds are boiled and taken for purification of body and mind through the cleansing of blood. The seeds constitute the drug; they are slightly bitter, and hence used almost always with a natural sweetener like Liqourice root (which enhances its effects) or Stevia leaves.

Celastrus paniculata is famed for its effects on the brain cells and was traditionally used for sharpening the memory and increasing intellect.

In recent pre-clinical trials with rats and mice, they were able to learn new mazes far less time; an incredible improvement in cognitive skills.

Further pre-clinical studies of the seed extract have conclusively showed an improvement in learning and memory in both physical and mental paradigms. The study demonstrates that the cognitive-enhancing properties of Celastrus paniculatus seed, which is now being pursued for this very purpose by the pharmaceutical companies!

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