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100 Seeds Bael Fruit AEGLE marmelos

100 Seeds Bael Fruit AEGLE marmelos
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100 Seeds Bael Fruit AEGLE marmelos



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Aegle marmelos Family: Rutaceae Bael, Bengal Quince, Indian Bael, Wood Apple, Matoom This plant is a medium sized tree that grows up to 40ft.This plant is known to posses some medicinal properties. All parts of this tree including, the roots, leaves, trunk, fruits, and seeds, are used for curing one human ailment, or another. The fruits are usually eaten by people.They taste like marmalade, and smell like roses. They are also used in the preparation of many medicines in villages. These protein-rich fruits are also used in making some very good drinks. They can also make a wonderful jam. The plant easily withstands long periods of drought, which are needed for better fruit yields. It grows in most soil and climate types, and requires little care when established. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growing Instructions & Tips: Plant as soon as received using well draining soil mixture, keep damp, warm and in bright light.

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