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500 Seeds Dendrocalamus barbatus Rare Seeds

500 Seeds Dendrocalamus barbatus Rare Seeds
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500 Seeds Dendrocalamus barbatus Rare Seeds



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Dendrocalamus barbatus

HABIT Perennial; caespitose. Rhizomes short; pachymorph. Culms erect; nodding at the tip, or pendulous at the tip; 15001800 cm long; 100150 mm diam.; woody; with aerial roots from the nodes. Culm-internodes terete; thick-walled; 2632 cm long; dark green; distally mealy, or glabrous. Culm-nodes flush with internodes. Lateral branches dendroid. Branch complement many; with 3 branches dominant. Culm-sheaths deciduous; 2538 cm long; coriaceous; pilose; with tawny hairs; auriculate; with 23 mm high auricles; with 515 mm wide auricles; setose on shoulders; shoulders with 10 mm long hairs. Culm-sheath ligule 38 mm high; dentate. Culm-sheath blade ovate; reflexed; 1030 cm long; acuminate. Leaves 815 per branch. Leaf-sheaths pilose. Leaf-sheath auricles falcate. Ligule an eciliate membrane; 1 mm long. Leaf-blade base with a brief petiole-like connection to sheath. Leaf-blades lanceolate; 1015 cm long; 1020 mm wide. Leaf-blade venation with 1012 secondary veins. Leaf-blade apex acuminate.