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15 Seeds Syzygium Jambolana

15 Seeds Syzygium Jambolana
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15 Seeds Syzygium Jambolana



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The evergreen Jamun plant is originally from Indonesia, Surinam and India.

An evergreen tropical tree 50 to 100 ft. tall, with oblong opposite leaves that are smooth, glossy; they have a turpentine smell. The bark is scaly gray and the trunk forks into multiple trunks about 3 - 5' from the ground

Jamun has fragrant white flowers in branched clusters at stem tips and purplish-black oval edible berries. The juicy fruit-pulp contains resin, gallic acid and tannin; it tastes usually from acid to fairly sweet. The somewhat astringent, jamun fruit can be utilized for juice. This berry has only one seed. Although a tropical tree, it grows easy in sub-tropical climates and can also be found in Florida, USA.